Tal Waldman is an iconoclastic artist who uses different mediums: sculpture, drawing, painting, installation. She mobilizes all possible means to explore the signs and symbols of the universe. An inspiration that also feeds on the different cultures that she encountered during her residencies and studies in Israel, India, Germany, Greece and Paris where she lives
After international and multicultural studies of art and architecture, she worked in the offices of famous architects such as Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portszamparc. In 2006, she decided to devote herself to her art and since then she divides her time between creation, research and publishing. 
Passionate about the transverse nature of visual arts and craft, the pursuit for keeping alive ancestral traditions gained importance in her work where glass, embroidery, wood, up-cycling and drawings are harmonised into a hybrid history. Motivated by a strong personal story, she explores her identity as a mother, a woman and an immigrant, where social themes such as immigration, identity and collective memory, as well as mindfulness and sustainability are explored beyond her personal narrative. In the past 25 years Tal has been searching to deepen her mindfulness and has installed a routine of daily practice. It has gradually become clear that her art and mindfulness paths should join. In recent years, she has begun consciously integrating mindfulness into her artwork as a living experiment. 
Committed to an environmental approach, Tal is a member of the international project- Art et Society. Her work was presented at the World Congress of Humanities in Liège (2017) calling for challenges and responsibilities for a planet in transition. 
Winner of several awards, her work is regularly exhibited internationally: Museum of Art and Industry ‘La Piscine’, Roubaix; MPP Museum, Rixheim; Art History Museum, Colombes; Autumn Fair; The Madeleine Church and numerous galleries. 
  • “That is beautiful which springs from inner need, which springs from the soul”                                                                                          
Wassily Kandinsky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art
  • “For me, there is no gap between my painting and my work called” decorative. “I never considered that the” minor arts “were frustrating artistically, on the contrary, it was an extension of my art “.
Sonia Delaunay

“…. Tal showcases her visually stunning series, Directed Randomness (Hasard Dirigé), which explores the relationship between control and chaos, whereby transformation is an integral element of her work. In the face of worldwide dread and anxiety for the future, the beauty, sophistication and elegance of her eudemonic designs are a much-needed panacea for us all……”                    Culturium (3 Mai 2020)  – by Paula Marvelly ‘Tal Waldman Directed Randomness – Such stuff as dreams are made on’ https://www.theculturium.com/tal-waldman-directed-randomness/
…”Tal touches everything, she is passionate about the transversality of the plastic arts and crafts, which she invites when she can to give birth to completely unique hybrid works. For the exhibition “It will be on the wire, the link and nomadic beings”, Tal will present “Embroidered Memories”, a pictorial representation of the stages of migration. In charge of a strong personal history, the artist evokes with poetry the roots, the questions of identities and collective memory where glass, embroidery, wood, recovery of used objects, invite themselves to create a harmony steeped in history. these between homeland and adopted land are thus approached in turn.”      Artistik Rezo (7 Mars 2019) – by Vanessa Humphires « Ce sera sur le fil, le lien et les êtres nomades » www.artistikrezo.com/agenda/ce-sera-sur-le-fil-le-lien-et-les-etres-nomades-4-artistes-exposent-a-la-d-galerie.html
 “…Embroidered memories is above all a human, cultural and social project. Its purpose is linked to the world of design, art, decorative arts; it talks about improvement, collective memory, how we position ourselves in relation to the above, but also about tolerance, patience and acceptance of difference. … At the heart of this unprecedented creative adventure – articulated around an experimental model of collaborative production – lies the figure of the migrant, or rather the situations and states associated with it, of which the potential is highlighted, not the potential weakness, but all the wealth. The themes of travel, memories, economic difficulties, maintaining integrity in a context of adaptation, dissimilarities between homeland and adopted land are thus tackled in turn….”     Arts Hebdo Medias (20 November 2015) – by Samantha Deman  ‘Tal Waldman in Roubaix – The ways of materials’  https://www.artshebdomedias.com/article/201115-tal-waldman-roubaix-les-voies-de-la-matiere/
“Tal Waldman is a transdisciplinary artist living and working in Paris who explores the porosity between crafts and contemporary practices. She is of Israeli-German origin, marked by the links that are woven between cultures, and collective memories.
Through drawing, she explores the relationship between Chaos and control, particularly in her series Directed Randomness, while with embroidery and upcycling, she develops a collaborative work on the collective memory named, Embroidered Memories. Transformation is an integral part of her protean work. Tal Waldman develops a contemporary work that often reveals a duality. This is the case, for example, in 3D Stained glass series, where the artist transforms the iconic virgin and the child, woman and mother, integrating it into an innovative research on stained glass in 3D.”     Gallery D, Paris 2018

The making of Woman-Mother, project 3D stainted glass

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