In 2016, following the exhibition of the “Embroidered Memories” project and the prize awarded to the “3DVitrail” project, I was motivated to continue working with glass, this time with recycled glass. The project remains conceptual and metaphorical, taking the form of an installation that transforms the old industrial bottle into a poetic and colorful glass landscape. The objects are hybridized with other materials, extending glass to new connotations.30 objects form part of an installation exploring the fragmentation and translucency of glass and light, inspiring a series of drawings and photographs as a poetic memory of the project.To create this landscape, I focus on the interplay of color, form, proportion and texture, between matte and gloss, opaque and translucent. The overlapping of colors is controlled to define new intermediate nuances. I test variable hybridizations with other natural materials such as thread, lace and wood, creating new forms, connotations and uses. The objects I create are handmade using a conceptual technique highly developed in Italy: incalmo. Later on, I planned to team up with Christine Derville from Design Pyrénées Éditions and produce these conceptual objects in prototype form, using the blow-moulding and incalmo techniques. As sometimes happens, this second stage never took place.


“How can we talk about glass without talking about reflection?
How can we speak of reflection without speaking of light?
How can we mention light without talking about God?”
“Where the sun’s rays cling,
transmuted into rainbow poems
seeing and beauty
I wait patiently for each shade to shine
with sumptuous splendor on my paper”
Tal Waldman, Inspired by Fragment by Amy Lowell


Publication Book/catalog  « La Voie d’Expérimentation » Editions Lord Byron :  pages 53-67

La Cité du Vitrail Museum Troyes : Exhibition 2 mai au 3 sept 2023

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