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Making transparent our collaborative way of ART MAKING and ART SHARING, we are two artists separated by geographical distance, committed to documenting our year long RESEARCH on ART and MINDFULNESS. Exposing our most intimate observations, our mission is to VISUALIZE THE INVISIBLE through a JOURNEY INTO SILENCE.

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Paris, 240420
Inner Sight, chapter 1 : Sacred Symboles 
N5 : Observing 
Ink, pigments and water pencils on paper, 30x40cm

The begining..

In January 17 2020 I met Fiona Morehouse in a the art exhibition, “A Kind Of Magic” in the gallery Mémoires de l’Avenir Paris. Our works were hunged side by side and it is brought to our attention that two of our paintings, included in the show, share the same title, ‘So Above As Below’. This would start this year long collaboration, our Journey Into Silence, Visualising the Invisible.

By February, we begin experimenting with different ways of embodying our daily inner practices into our visual art, documenting the shared testimony of our individual process from a distance. I retreated in Sigottier, south of France, integrated my morning meditations into my daily walks where I photographed openings in the landscape with which I started painting in my home studio in Paris. Fiona, working from home in the mountains of Vermont, strated by taking photographs as well.  Our conversation begins.

A kind of Magic Gallery Memories of the future January 2020 Fiona : 2 drawing on the left, Tal : oinstallation of 5 drawings

What is it all about?

Challenging ourselves to visualize the invisible, we are two artists separated by geographical space and connected through a commitment to a year long collaboration, a living experimentation with silence in it’s different exterior and interior expressions. A research shaped as a journal, we are exposing our most intimate inner work through making our art process transparent. Our mission is to VISUALIZE THE INVISIBLE through a shared JOURNEY INTO SILENCE.

In my journey into silence I intend to compare different exterior influences as well as different interior states, there is no right and wrong, the ensemble of the information allows my art to be informed by and testify to the inner search.

Paris-Sigottier- 210320
Ink on paper, 30X40cm

Our Manifesto ?

In search of the right state of mind and being for our research, we join the SLOW MOVEMENT philosophy that resists the notion of faster is better and emphasizes quality over quantity. Our natural choice is a form of communication and documentation that values a process rather than a result. Exposing our most intimate insights and sharing our resources and life experiences, it is a practice in VULNERABILITY through TRANSPARENCY.

This is AN ALTERNATIVE WAY of SHARING ART. Supported by the technological evolution that has democratized how we approach communication and documentation, (now more than ever) our project shares art as an INTEGRATIVE TOOL, proposing an ALTERNATIVE ATTITUDE to life that goes beyond the traditional art market.

How does a committed inner study affect and inform a regular art practice? How does geographical and cultural distance impact a collaboration? How does open dialogue and transparent documentation impact a research?


Today, we continue to experiment with different ways of embodying our daily inner practices into our visual art, documenting the shared testimony of our individual process from a distance.

Colors vibratory relationship Chapter 1 :Purple to orange Paris 110520 Acrylic on paper, 30x40cm

The Blog?

In the blog and social media pages our chapters of art work and testemoniales, can be found in alternance chronologically.

(February-March):  Genius Loci (8 chapters)/I search for the invisible essence of the mountains, the genius loci. I practice repetitive drawings of the same situations while exercising patient observation.

(April) : Inner sight (6 chapters)   /Entering the tragic period of confinement due to the Covid19 pandemic, I sense the need to structure the research by examining commun qualities of art making and inner work; turning to sacred symbols. 

(Mai) : Colours Vibratory relathioship (8 chapters)  / the strong ‘Tree of life’ symbol motivates me to put aside the form and concentrate on simultaneous contrast between pairs of colours, examining their interaction to each other and to me. 

……..And the research is ongoing




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