Knowing oneself is a fundamental aspect of spiritual life, the more we know ourselves the more accurate our insights into our life will be and the less constricted we will be by external conventions and given identities. ‘Knowing thyself’ has been an emphasis of spiritual teachings since antiquity, Buddha, Socrates, Rumi are all calling for self-knowledge to take us beyond simple information into wisdom and freedom. 

The series ‘GOLDEN SCARS’ echoes this process of self-exploring and acceptance. It is the choice of making the scars or loopholes between one memory and fixed identities with one’s present, accessible and conscious. It is the potential of mending and cleaning the no longer useful elements in oneself.

« GOLDEN SCARS » is an experimental organic art project. Its formal language might remind of flowers, corals or even interior organs. It could also be understood as a three-dimensional expansion of my drawing into space.

« GOLDEN SCARS »  is also a Slow Art project, ‘slow’ in the general approach that values the process and attention given to details vs to a pragmatic final product. ‘Slow’ also in the mindful process and slow rhythm of creating the project, the time taken to think, the attention given to details and holistic relationship to life around the project.

The sculptures are an agglomeration of porcelain, paper porcelain, up-cycling and gilded material, painted glue and enamelled porcelain, that are transformed into an unidentifiable figuration, somewhere in the scale between figuration and abstraction.

A link to the article in the Culturium, Octobre 2020. Tal Waldman : Golden Scars


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