Winter, Hautes Alpes, France. For some years in the winter, I travel long hours to a small valley in the mountains far from Paris. Sometimes I’m fortunate to be received by a fluffy white blanket of snow, my eyes slowly familiarize with the winter shimmery light and my ears listen to the deep silence. There, I immerse myself in nature, meditate, walk, observe, and get cleaned by this beauty and simplicity.

This winter of 2021 was cold, I walked through woods and up rocky cliffs, crossing streams with incredible sculpted forms of ice that felt like a premonition to my glass projects, like a whisper and gift of nature to me.
Photography being a constant tool in my process, I incorporate it into my work as a stage, a reflection, an experiment, a documentation or a result, but the backbone of my work remains drawing. This winter I took photos and the “Engraved in Water” series was born.


Publication d’un livre/catalog  “La Voie d’Expérimentation”

Editions Lord Byron :pages 100-105

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