In the eighteenth century, the scientist Alexander Von Humboldt introduced the concept of an interconnected world as we know it today, where nature is understood as an interdependent organism in which the smallest being is responsible for the whole. My first aspiration was to study the relationship between different organic lives. I begin by imagining a merged ecosystem of human internal organs and other life forms, perceiving their interiority, their cells, their continuity of form and color. From a distance, it looks like a common coral reef, but as you get closer and closer, the true meaning becomes clear. In 2021, I was invited by Vetralia and its artistic director Leo De Carlo to create unique pieces for the “Vetralia Collectible” art collection. Vetralia is a functional art publisher based in Venice, combining contemporary art forms with multiple Venetian craftsmanship in glass, metal and wood. Their research consists in the production of functional artworks expressing an innovative vision and made with traditional processes. This is the first time I have translated my paintings into a functional One Off artwork in glass through layers of etching and various glass manipulations. It is also the first time that I engrave, paint and research with the help of a pleasant and competent team in a place that lends itself perfectly to glass creation – Venice.


Publication Book/catalog  “La Voie d’Expérimentation” Editions Lord Byron :  pages 89-91

La Cité du Vitrail Museum Troyes : Exhibition 2 mai au 3 sept 2023

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