The “Tea break “ offers a moment of pause in the life of an immigrant and a time to recall his memories. This object uses cultural mix and questions the boundaries between local and global, and between functionality and ‘ art for art ‘.

It is designed in honor of a universal tradition, with a stool and turntable. It is made of a perforated metal gallery, embroidery on the seat, new wooden frame and carved legs.

The Tree of hope,

Details are very refined; an echo of the gallery is drawn on the seat. “The tree of hope» a 3 dimensional embroidery seeks to break the limit of the flat embroidery on the seat creates an original embroidered sculpture. For that Jennyfer used a technic used in fashion and by reducing the pearls and spangles she reduces the volume of the embroidery, the result is a unique embroidered sculpture, a technical premier and a movement of hope.

18 more days to the end of our collection, Come to discover, share and contribute to our project. It is gratifying and simple. 


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